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The Canadian Women Entrepreneur Industry Gala (CWE's) is a national dynamic Industry event experience that acts as a super-connector to leading companies & and changemakers on a mission towards a more inclusive & and empowered future.


An extraordinary one-of-a-kind industry event experience that recognizes and honours top leading Canadian companies and their influential programs, campaigns and CSR initiatives that have paved the way for a more equal and diverse ecosystem.


The in-person industry event creates the space for possibilities to forge new partnerships, industry connections and introductions to heart-centred and mission-driven business leaders, agencies, influencers, aspiring entrepreneurs, creators and media in one place.


The program showcases and connects Canada's leading brands and companies committed to driving impact and fostering great relationships.

Learn about the latest developments and trends across industries, and gain valuable insights into the innovative work being done by companies across different sectors. Meet audaciously inspiring women entrepreneurs and celebrate the trailblazers pushing for a more equal and diverse ecosystem.

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We seek to honour, celebrate and spark action towards a more inclusive and equal world among leading companies, creators, influencers, brands and entrepreneurs.

Ascend: Elevating The Industry To New Heights (2024 Theme)


"Ascend" encapsulates the essence of empowerment, symbolizing rising together, reaching new heights, and embracing the futuristic notion of elevating culture into the realms of space. 


The event serves as a celebration of industry collective achievements, merging the realms of space exploration with the journey into the future of technology, beauty, connectivity, and xxxx.


The gala aims to inspire, ignite conversations, and create a lasting impact on the path toward a more inclusive and empowered future.


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The CWEIG only aligns with brands and companies whose mission is to create a safer, more inclusive and equitable future. Join us on our mission.

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