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​Ascend: Taking Culture Into the Future - The 2024 CWE Industry Gala and Its Visionary Theme

As the 2024 Canadian Women Entrepreneur (CWE) Industry Gala draws near, we are excited to immerse ourselves in this year’s theme: "Ascend." 

It’s official,  May 29, 2024, will house our industry gathering at our new, expansive venue Rebel, Toronto. 

We are excited to unveil "Ascend" as the central 2024  theme that represents our commitment to elevating the conversation around inclusivity and empowerment in the industry by looking at how leading companies will be taking culture into the future.

We aim to inspire, ignite conversations, and create a lasting impact on the path toward a more inclusive and empowered future. It symbolizes the collective journey of pioneering into the realms of space, technology, beauty, and connectivity. This year, we delve into the evolving landscapes of beauty, technology, energy, and more. Join us in exploring the frontiers where culture meets innovation.

Learn about the latest developments and trends across industries, and gain valuable insights into the innovative work being done by companies across different sectors. Meet audaciously inspiring women entrepreneurs and celebrate the trailblazers pushing for a more equal and diverse ecosystem.

This year's theme represents a journey, a movement, and a collective aspiration to elevate each other to unprecedented heights.

Empowering Narratives: 

Throughout the gala, speakers and presentations highlight the achievements of women who have broken barriers in various fields, drawing parallels between their journeys and the exploration of space. Inspirational stories could be shared, emphasizing resilience, determination, and the collective empowerment of women.

Interactive Experiences: 

Incorporate interactive elements like virtual reality stations, AR, and on-site experiential activations with pops of colours and symbolic decor.

Technology and Innovation:

Highlight technological advancements made by women in various industries, demonstrating how these innovations propel society towards a future that values inclusivity and diversity.

Collaborative Initiatives: 

Encourage networking and collaboration among attendees, fostering an environment where attendees of diverse backgrounds can connect, support each other, and forge alliances to further elevate and empower one another. Utilizing the CWE networking business lounge and Breakfast series.

Artistic Expressions:

Showcase art installations or performances that depict the strength, resilience, and beauty of diversity, equality and culture.  art installations, musical performances and celestial-themed accessories or crafts.


Purple Nebula: VIP Beauty Lounge 

This space will be transformed into the ultimate Backstage gala beauty experience. It will feature exclusive makeup, beauty, hair and wardrobe services to pamper the award winners, top public figures and influencers in the space. The space will have refreshments, coffee, snacks and perfect lighting all day with ample windows! 

Guests will experience ultimate pampering with hair,  makeup and styling assistants. The VIP Beauty Lounge experience will run from 12-7 PM on the day of the Gala, May 29th, 2024. 

Spring Fling 

The Spring Fling Media & Influencer Preview powered by NKPR is an exclusive event experience and sneak peek into spring's hottest products in beauty, wellness, fashion, and lifestyle products

The preview will feature two sessions – an afternoon gathering for influencers and an evening session during the cocktail reception of the CWE Gala. Expect exciting activations, product demos, and VIP experiences, all creating buzz for the upcoming trends in spring.

CWE Networking Business Lounge 

Open exclusively to guests of the CWE’s, we have reserved a networking meeting space open for guests to network, collaborate, build relationships and talk business! The lounge will be open from on May 29-30th, 2024 in the Club Lounge at HotelX. 

Self-Made Networking Breakfast 

Happening May 30th, 2024 at HotelX, the CWE Self-Made Networking Breakfast is a curated event experience and the ultimate relationship-building, networking, & and business development opportunity. The breakfast will host 150 women-led business owners who are looking for support to grow & and scale their businesses.

Are you ready for the Interlude/Take-Off Intermission?

As the murmurs of anticipation fill the air and the lights softly dim, the gala attendees find themselves at the cusp of an otherworldly experience. The "Take Off" interlude is a mesmerizing journey that transcends the confines of the gala floor, inviting each individual to embark on a celestial voyage.

Setting the Stage:

Amidst the circular lighting rigs positioned strategically in the center of the room, the LED screens flicker to life, radiating vibrant cosmic hues across the expanse of the space. The main stage's wide LED screen acts as a portal, transporting the audience into an interstellar dreamscape.

Elevating Senses:

As the room envelops in anticipation, the sonic binaural experience takes hold, synchronizing with the pulsating rhythm of the audience's heartbeats. The immersive sound system emanates a symphony of ethereal tones and space-themed melodies, creating an auditory sensation that seems to defy gravity.

Launch Sequence:

With a subtle release of CO2, a delicate fog or haze effect gradually fills the room, swirling and intertwining with the mesmerizing lights, adding an enigmatic depth to the atmosphere. The ambiance simulates the mystical ascent into the unknown.

Industry Ascension:

The room begins to feel alive, pulsating with energy as the lights, sounds, and atmospheric elements harmonize. The circular lighting rigs rotate slowly, casting beams of celestial hues across the floor. The LED screens display breathtaking visuals of distant galaxies, star clusters, and cosmic phenomena.

The Ethereal Journey:

Through this transcendent ambiance, the audience experiences a simulated "take-off." The room seems to lift, as if defying gravity, creating an illusion of ascending into the cosmic expanse. The interlude evokes a sense of unity and collective elevation, symbolizing the rising empowerment of women.

As the interlude reaches its climax, the audience finds themselves suspended in a moment of awe-inspiring wonder, having briefly embarked on a cosmic journey that mirrors the ascent of women – together, united, and reaching for new heights.

The "Take Off" interlude is not just an experience; it's a symbolic representation of empowerment and unity. It leaves an indelible impression, a memory of a collective moment where the gala floor transcends earthly boundaries, embracing the spirit of exploration and empowerment, propelling women towards a future that knows no bounds.

Canada’s Total Mom Pitch Happening During the Gala

We will again be featuring Canda Pitch Top 5 watching them pitch for the stars…see what we did there. The Top 5 finalists will pitch live at the CWE’s!

Fun little fact, the Pitch is a two-time award-winning National program that won an international award for the initiative of the year in Canada by Prestige awards and most recently was honoured by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences with an #Anthemaward for “Canada’s Total Mom Pitch partnership in the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Category (Awareness & Media).

Key Dates & Times

May 29, 2023

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM   | CWE’s Business Lounge ( HotelX, Toronto -Club Lounge)

12:00 PM - 5:30 PM | Beauty Lounge - (Rebel Toronto, CWE’s Beauty Lounge)

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM  | CWE media & Influencer Preview Block 1 ( Rebel - Noir Room upstairs)

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM  | CWE’s Red Carpet & Business & Bottles Reception  VIP reception

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM | CWE’s Venue Rebel Toronto Block 2 (Rebel - Noir Room upstairs 

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM  | Canadian Women Entrepreneur Industry Gala (CWE’s Venue Rebel Toronto)

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM |  Canada’s Total Mom Pitch segment at the CWE’s (Rebel Toronto)

May 30, 2024 ( CWE Networking & SELF-MADE breakfast) 

8:00 AM - 12:30 PM | The Self-Made Breakfast (HotelX)

7:00 AM - 8:00 PM |  CWE’s  Networking Business Lounge (located at Hotel)

Don’t want to miss Ascend 2024?  Get in touch for tables & ticket info. We hope to see you back and can’t wait to meet so many new faces!


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