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Jully Black Reminds Us That It’s a Privilege to Be Alive

The power of resilience and the importance of dreaming big are themes that resonate deeply within the entrepreneurial and leadership communities, but the moment Jully Black hit the 2023 CWE industry Gala stage, she reminded us that life is precious. 

“Be your ancestor's wildest dreams”- Jully Black

Jully Black's statement serves as a powerful reminder of the legacy and responsibilities that today's leaders carry. Her personal story, highlighting her mother's hard work for a modest wage upon arriving in Canada, underlines the sacrifices made by previous generations to pave the way for today's successes.

Jully’s metaphor of the 'roof' as a ceiling that needs to be broken through is a compelling commentary on the invisible barriers in professional and personal growth. Her statement, “When we break through the glass ceiling, it’s important to keep soaring,” reminds us that achieving success is not the final goal, but a point from which to aim even higher.

“It takes a single match to rid a room of darkness”

Jully reminds us of our light and how we can illuminate and transform even the most challenging situations when we fill our hearts with gratitude and keep going.

Her performance of  'Lean on Me' underscores the message that in the journey towards success and in the pursuit of breaking barriers, there is immense power in solidarity and mutual support.

Not only is Jully now a part of the CWE industry family, but her inspiring words and performance have left a lasting impression, reminding leaders and changemakers that life is a privilege and that the pursuit of dreams should be relentless. 

This moment in CWE gala history sparks the bold reminder to break through our own ceilings and soar to new heights, illuminating paths not just for ourselves, but also for those who follow.

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