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#HypeWomen | 2023 Award Winners:

The CWE Industry Gala 2023 was a testament to the power of women and their contributions to the professional world. The #HypeWomen category recognizes companies championing women by amplifying their voices and promoting diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and belonging. They are dedicated to creating a workplace where women feel valued, supported, and empowered to succeed, advocating for their inclusion in every facet of society.

Let's recap the electrifying moments as we celebrate the winners of the #HypeWomen category at the gala.

WBE Canada

Honoured for their program bridging the gap between women-owned businesses and the corporations and government entities looking to increase their supplier diversity.

Silvia Pencak, President and CEO of WBE Canada, graced the stage to accept the award. WBE Canada's groundbreaking program has successfully bridged the gap between women-owned businesses, corporations, and government entities seeking to increase supplier diversity. Through their tireless efforts, WBE Canada has created pathways and opportunities for women entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise and access new business opportunities.


TD was recognized for their dedicated approach to supporting women-owned businesses to access financial services and using its platform to share their stories.

Yasmin Zalac, AVP TD Wealth and executive sponsor for TD Wealth for Women, took the stage. TD is honoured for its unwavering dedication to supporting women-owned businesses in accessing financial services. Beyond that, TD has utilized its platform to share the inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs, shining a spotlight on their achievements and resilience.

The #HypeWomen category winners, WBE Canada and TD were lauded for their extraordinary efforts in uplifting women in business and beyond. Their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging has paved the way for women-owned businesses to thrive while amplifying their stories and inspiring countless others. Let’s continue uplifting, supporting, and celebrating women's achievements, driving lasting change and creating a future where women truly shine!


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