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A unique social industry experience that helps women from all backgrounds and experiences to access greater social capital and connections across the business ecosystem.

The Canadian Women Entrepreneur Industry Gala is a prestigious event experience that recognizes and honours Canada's leading companies' influential programs, campaigns, and CSR initiatives that have paved the way for a more equal and diverse ecosystem for women in business. 


The CWE industry event connects successful women in business, agencies, influencers, aspiring entrepreneurs, creators and media in one place to take groundbreaking action to advance women forward. 

Deadline: Jan 29 2024
"PARO Centre is honoured to receive the CWE Award for Empowering Women in Business or Entrepreneurs for 2023! PARO is a grass-roots organization that supports diverse women in business at every stage from start-up to scale-up. We provide access to funding, counselling, training, peer support, and networking opportunities, and more.  Our foundation is always based on women's empowerment - supporting women to reach their goals and dreams is the main goal of the organization. We are thrilled to receive this award, and honoured to be nominated among the other nominees who are doing outstanding work in women-centred entrepreneurship spaces!"

Rosalind Lockyer 

Founder & CEO, PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise


An industry-wide shift that calls for action from leading brands and successful women to elevate the women before and after them.



“Truly an incredible night! 🌟 Congratulations to all the women entrepreneurs working towards the future success of the Canadian innovation ecosystem!"
“What an absolutely incredible experience to be a part of!! Can’t wait for next year!! So much to look forward to!!!"

Interested in getting involved?

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