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Gender Equality in the Workplace | 2023 Award Winners:

We honoured the exceptional achievements of companies that have championed gender equality in the workplace. The air was buzzing with excitement and anticipation as we gathered to recognize the trailblazers breaking down barriers and reshaping the corporate landscape. From advancing boardroom diversity to fostering inclusive cultures, these award winners have left an indelible mark on the journey toward gender parity. Let's recap the electrifying night that celebrated the champions of Gender Equality in the Workplace.

Women Get On Board

Recognized for their mission to advance gender diversity in the boardroom.

Deborah Rosati, the Founder & CEO of Women Get On Board Inc, takes center stage as we recognize the organization's relentless pursuit of gender diversity in the boardroom. Understanding the importance of female representation at the highest levels of decision-making, Women Get On Board Inc has dedicated itself to empowering women and providing them with the tools and resources needed to secure board positions. By championing women's leadership and expertise, this organization is making significant strides in breaking down gender barriers and promoting equality in corporate governance.


Honoured for setting a strong diverse, and inclusive workplace culture that is welcoming to women and offering a valuable benefits program that challenges other much larger companies.

Kristie Painting, the Country Manager for Pinterest in Canada, is welcomed with applause as we celebrate Pinterest's exemplary efforts in cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. Pinterest has set a high standard by creating an environment where women feel welcomed, valued, and supported. Through their comprehensive benefits program, the company ensures that employees have access to resources and opportunities that challenge much larger organizations. By promoting a culture of inclusion, Pinterest serves as an inspiration for other companies, proving that diversity and innovation go hand in hand.


Recognized for their program that is setting a precedent in an industry that is not traditionally inclusive of women and gender-nonconforming individuals by modifying the standard workwear to meet the safety and comfort needs of all.

Jennifer Khan, Vice President of Inclusive Diversity at EllisDon, and Tess Durrant, Chief Operating Officer of Safety Bespoke, grace the stage as EllisDon was recognized for their groundbreaking program in collaboration with Safety Bespoke. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, EllisDon has taken remarkable steps to create an inclusive and supportive environment for women and gender-nonconforming individuals. By modifying the standard workwear to address safety and comfort concerns, EllisDon & Safety Bespoke have paved the way for greater participation and representation. Their dedication to inclusion is a blueprint for other organizations seeking to dismantle gender-related barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields.

These three companies, Women Get On Board Inc, Pinterest, and EllisDon, have set the bar high when it comes to gender equality in the workplace. Their innovative initiatives, commitment to diversity, and dedication to creating inclusive environments have contributed significantly to breaking down longstanding barriers. These companies are leading the charge toward a more equitable and just society by empowering women, promoting leadership opportunities, closing the pay gap, and fostering inclusive cultures. Let us celebrate and applaud these award winners for their exceptional achievements and ongoing commitment to advancing gender equality in the workplace!


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